Closing Ceremony

The Closing Meeting of the Technical Assistance for Development of a Strategy for Alignment with Common Market Organisation (CMO) was held at Point Hotel on November 14, 2018.

Participants in the closing meeting included Deputy Head of EU Delegation to Turkey, Mr. Gabriel Munuera Vinals; Head of Central Finance and Contracts Unit, Mr. Selim Uslu; General Director of EU and Foreign Affairs of Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Ms. Aylin Çağlayan Özcan; on behalf of the Consortium, Niras representative and Project Director Mr. Bartosz Wojciechowski, and officials from Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and representatives of other stakeholders.

At the meeting, the parties stressed the importance of the Project and the Common Market Organisation mechanisms.

Deputy Head of Delegation, Gabriel Munuera Vinals, recalled in his speech that the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) is one of the core policies of the EU, stating that it is designed to help European farmers feed more than 500 million Europeans. Noting that the European Union wants to ensure that its agriculture sector remains sustainable and competitive, Vinals said: “This project, whose closing ceremony we are organising today, has assisted the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry in developing a strategy for the gradual adoption of the EU legislation on CMO, thus contributing to Turkey's alignment with the CAP.

Head of the Central Finance and Contracts Unit Uslu expressed his satisfaction over the timely completion, despite its intense schedule, of the project, which was carried out under IPA Financial Assistance 2014 financing agreement and started its activities on 23 November 2017.

EU and Foreign Affairs Director General Özcan said at the beginning of her speech that significant progress has been made since the opening meeting of the project, expressing her pleasure in seeing that major steps have been taken towards building institutional capacity for CMO, which constitutes one of the two main objectives of the project. Emphasising the long-term nature of harmonisation activities, Özcan said: “The main output of our project, the Common Market Organization Alignment Strategy, reminds us that there is still a longer way ahead of us.”

Özcan also underlined of the importance of the European Union Common Market Organization Alignment Strategy Document, saying that both the legal and institutional requirements of the EU legislation and the situation in which the market and operators will have to face with are extremely important. Özcan ended her speech by thanking everyone involved.

Delivering a brief speech on behalf of the consortium, Niras representative and Project Director Wojciechowski expressed his satisfaction that the project had a heavy workload yet it was a success.

A short film summarizing project activities and outputs was also presented at the meeting, which got the close interest and appreciation of the participants. The first session of the meeting ended afterwards.

In the second session of the meeting, Team Leader Ruzica Gelo from the Technical Assistance Team made a detailed presentation concerning the project activities. The meeting ended with this thorough summary of the one-year-project. .